About Pamela

Pamela Panneton is committed to being in service to others, creating
community, and facilitating spiritual awareness. She is a Reiki Master,
An Mesa Carrier in the Andean Shamanic tradition and has received
several initiations from highly respected medicine men and women of the
high Andes. She is a trained Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist, and is
educated in Crystal therapies. She is gifted in hosting and
coordinating large events. Prior to that she owned and ran her own
business and facilitated educational programs for over
1600 people for Landmark Education.
Pamela has a commitment to serve the community and to assist others to
discover their own life path through healing and education. She shares
from her heart with tukuy'munayniyoc (universal, unconditional love)
authenticity and a straight forward nature.

Pamela teaches Andean shamanism, Shamanic journeying, healing with
crystals & incorporating herbs, essential oils, & flower essences in
your everyday life. She has an office in Sykesville where she accepts
appointments for Healing sessions in Reiki and Shamanic Energy Medicine , Quantum Hypnosis Past life therapy, and Spiritual counseling.


Pamela Panneton
Sykesville, Md. 21784