In my travels and experiences I have found practitioners and institutions that I would highly recommend.
Please look at the services they provide and web sites, if they call to you please follow that calling.
Check back often, as we will be adding more to the community.

Pamela Panneton

Pamela Panneton is committed to being in service to others, creating community, and facilitating spiritual awareness. She is a Reiki Master, An Mesa Carrier in the Andean Shamanic tradition and has received several initiations from highly respected medicine men and women of the high Andes. She is a trained Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist, and is educated in Crystal therapies. She is gifted in hosting and coordinating large events. Prior to that she owned and ran her own business and facilitated educational programs for over 1600 people for Landmark Education. Pamela has a commitment to serve the community and to assist others to discover their own life path through healing and education. She shares from her heart with tukuy'munayniyoc (universal, unconditional love) authenticity and a straight forward nature. Pamela teaches Andean shamanism, Shamanic journeying, healing with crystals & incorporating herbs, essential oils, & flower essences in your everyday life. She has an office in Sykesville where she accepts appointments for Healing sessions in Reiki and Shamanic Energy Medicine , Quantum Hypnosis Past life therapy, and Spiritual counseling.


Jenny Ehrhardt a Licensed Massage Therapist and Herbal Enthusiast started her journey on the path of alternative healing 24 years ago. She owns two businesses one as a Massage Therapist at Metta Integrative Wellness Center in Hampden for 8 years. Jenny creates all her own products from plants in her garden and from other organic sources. She is also in her fifth year of Zensationsbyjen an herbal Apothecary and just opened a new Shoppe in an old hardware store, Falkenhan’s, right in the heart of her community. Jenny also offers “Weeds are plants too” tours in her backyard and local park with children and adults. She has an herbal certificate with Rosemary Gladstar and had the pleasure of working with her on Sage Mountain an awesome experience. Herbs are the People’s Medicine is her belief and everyone carries the wisdom of the plants if they just listen.



Patricia John Norton has practiced Agnihotra, a small vedic healing fire for over 30 years.  She is a Reiki Master and a certified Sound Therapist who has studied with world renowned teacher Tom Kenyon.  Patricia uses Vocal Toning, Sacred Chant, and Quartz Crystal & Tibetan bowls to help initiate a sacred journey for healing, connection and expansion. She founded the Sound Immersion workshop series, and holds 'Soundbaths' at various centers or in intimate settings for supporting a loved one.  For more information:

Jose Luis Herrera

Jose Luis Herrera, While formally educated in Civil Engineering and Computer Science, Jose Luis's talents and skills are evidenced in the exquisite beauty and heart he brings to his shamanic teachings. A native of Cusco, Jose Luis was born into the medicine traditions of the Andes. For more than twenty years he has traveled extensively studying the different medicine traditions of the Andes, and working with Peru's most respected medicine people.
Jose Luis is a trained naturalist, explorer, as well as a mountain and trekking guide. His deep connection with the Apus (mountain spirits) has led him to climb many mountains in Peru and Bolivia and he is a foremost expedition leader in Peru. Jose Luis' journey has allowed him to teach in America and Europe becoming a genuine bridge with the Western and the Andean cultures and paradigms.

Linda Burns

Linda Burns has been a clay artist for over twenty years. During that time, she has been a successful jewelry designer, writer and workshop facilitator. Linda has explored many avenues of spiritual self-discovery including the Labyrinth, Sound Healing, Prayer Flags, Sacred Symbols and now, Inner Wisdom Beads. This new program allows participants the opportunity to use clay as a means of tapping into their creative inner wisdom. Artistic ability is not necessary. Linda lives with her husband and three boys in Virginia and teaches with enthusiasm and a joyful spirit!

Landmark Education & The Landmark Forum

In The Landmark Forum and Landmark Education's other courses, people see new possibilities for effective action in everyday matters. People are able to achieve higher standards of excellence and to think and act beyond existing views and limitations - in their personal lives, relationships, and wider communities of interest. Contact at


Charlie Campbell

Charlie has been using flower essences for many years. In 1997 he began with Perelandra Center for Nature Research and The Alaskan Flower Essence Project teachings. He formed a working relationship with the flower essences and began using and making blends for others. In October Charlie began working with Green Hope Farms essences. A short explanation of how flower essences work. When disturbances occur in our electrical flow the essences raise our vibration and work to reopen and rebalance our electrical system reminding us of our "healed state". Over the years the gifts from the essences have assisted Charlie's family, friends, and colleges in many ways, they also complement many healing practices. If you would like to experience the powerful yet gentle effects of flower essences contact


Dr. Linda Hostalek is a medical intuitive, Andean-trained shaman, artist, author, and holistic physician. She weaves the teachings of the earth and human energetic systems with medical and spiritual insight. She has a private practice in southern Illlinois.

Karen Boger has been using dance in the realm of fitness since 1989. She has taught people of all ages, children to seniors. In the last 15 years she has expanded and brought new perspective to the way she teaches. Karen teaches Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Belly Dance, Trance Dance, Belly dance Fusion and she brings an added element to the dance floor. Karen has been a volunteer for 18 years at the Fairy Festival. She is grounded in the earth elements and created an Elemental Dance. Its fun and it honors the elements of the land. Her style is creative, expressive and makes fitness fun. Karen is available for groups or one on one.







Pam Wanveer

Pam has always loved animals. As a child she brought her love of animals to teach and groom family pets. The fascination she experienced of problem solving, observing and interacting with her pets set her on a life long journey to find new ways to influence animal behavior that encouraged trust and mutual respect. Pam holds a Bachelor of Science in both Special and Elementary Education. She finished a 2 year Tellington TTouch practitioner training in 1997, and has been practicing and assisting teaching ever since. She's been trained in Cranial Sacral work with companion animals and horses. She brings her education to the love of animals and has had a very successful practice in Silver Spring, Md. Through private sessions, workshops and classes Pam maybe able to assist you and your animal family.




Jayne Howard Feldman

Jayne Howard Feldman has been communing with angels for 45+ years. She is the author of /COMMUNE WITH THE/ /ANGELS /(ARE Press, 1992) which is now in its 12th printing and published in five languages; /DRIVING UNDER/ /THE INFLUENCE OF ANGELS/ (ARE Press, 2002) and ANGELS BY MY SIDE (Author House, 2004). She is the founder of BE AN ANGEL DAY – celebrated annually on August 22 and INSPIRE YOUR HEART WITH THE ARTS DAY - celebrated on January 31st. Jayne is an ordained interfaith minister, Reiki Master and curator of Angel Heights Healing Arts Center where weekly spiritual development classes are held. Since 1997 she has produced a monthly inspirational CD for subscribers entitled the HA HA Group - HA HA stands for Human Angelus. Jayne resides in Upperco, Maryland with her husband, Charles and their two Jack Russell Terriers – Benny and Riot. Her websites are:


Paul Panneton

Paul is 51years old, married to Pamela for 24 years, father of Zach and Alex (both graduated college), and lives with them all in a house in a wooded, park-like setting near Sykesville, MD. Paul is a scientist at Orbital Sciences Corporation in Dulles, VA, where he builds spacecraft, specializing in electrical power systems. Paul has been practicing shamanism now for over 10 years, having been trained in a blend of Andean jungle and mountain shamanic tradition, but also incorporates his own personal experience in a daily ritual.

Paul was raised a devout Catholic, and attended Catholic school for 12 years, but when he went to college, he stopped engaging in Catholic ritual, although he still retains Christian values. Paul became consumed by his engineering education, and joined the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, where he became a spacecraft power systems engineer. “I still remember being fascinated with the mysteries of consciousness, and pledged to someday discover the relationship between cosmic consciousness and the laws of nature. Whereas one of my buddies with whom I would wax philosophic, would support the idea that the answer to life required all the experiences in the world without, I always submitted that the key lay within.”