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 Sacred Peru Journey ~ June 10-22, 2018~ For more information and registration, click HERE

.Andean Shaman's Journey #2~ Beginning Sunday, April 22, from 10am-6pm - *Prequisite is being a mesa carrier. For dates and more information scroll down.

Andean Shaman's Journey #1~beginningTuesday,May 8 (average 1or 2 sessions a month for 9/10 months) 6:30-9:30pm~For more information and class schedule, scroll down

Full Moon Ceremony~Saturday, March 3 @ 11am Re~lease and Re~seed. This event will be held in West Virginia. R.S.V.P. and directions will be sent. All are welcome. Rain or shine. To register click HERE $25

 Equinox~Despacho, Fire & Potluck Ceremony Join us to celebrate in community. We will meet in Sykesville, Md. R.S.V.P. and directions will be sent. free will donation.

 Chanta Clearings~Monday, Feb.19th The luminous energy field surrounds and informs our physical body like a blueprint of life. Cleansing the luminous energy field can clear away unwanted stagnate energy allowing pathways to regain physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  Each session will be approximately 30 to 40 minutes in length. To register click HERE  $45 

"John of God" Crystal Bed ~  Monday-Friday beginning at 11AM-5PM. 20~40 or 60 minute sessions. Buy 2 get one free. A dollar a minute. Call Pamela to schedule. 410-978-2066 ~

Despacho Workshop ~ Learn the cosmology of the Andean traditions principle ceremony of manifestation and giving back. No prior experience needed. All materials included. $15 for single and $22 for a couple sharing one despacho. Free for students, passed and present. Please R.S.V.P

Introduction to Shamanism~ Sykesville. Bring a mat and something to cover your eyes. ~ Donation

Dr. Joe Dispenza ~Meditation  6:30pm-8pm (limited space) Free

Brother Gregerio Healer of the Phippipines~  TBA For more information, click HERE

Journey to Brazil "John of God" ~ Fall 2018 TBA to register and all details 

A Brazilian Visa and US passport required to enter Brazil.

Spiritual Journey to Peru ~June 10-22, 2018~Click here for full itenerary.


See Descriptions of classes below

Please email or call to hold your space. - pspanneton@gmail.com or 410-978-2066


For those who have inquired on how to support our brothers and sisters in Peru during this time, click here for information from Jose Luis Herrera.


"It is a man's foremost duty to awaken the understanding of the inner Self and to know his own inner greatness. Once he knows his true worth, he can know the worth of others." -Swami Muktananda


The Andean Shaman's Journey

Beginning Tuesday May 8, May 29, June 26, July17, Aug. 7, Sept. 11, Oct. 9, Nov. 6, Dec. 4, and Jan 8. Fire ceremonies & optional retreat and field trips. Please call Pamela for more information

The Shamans Journey is a training program designed to deepen your personal healing work in combination with spiritual practices you can apply to everyday living.  In the 10 session training, the student will begin to renew their relationship with nature by embracing the principal of Ayni (reciprocity) and to co-create a life of harmony and balance.
In my opinion we all just want to make a difference. Doing our own work allows us to transform destructive patterns and wounds into personal power for contribution and compassion as a natural outcome.  You will see new pathways to wholeness.
This Earth based shamanic practice will bring the participant towards the healed state and continue long after the class concludes. In our time together we will explore Andean spiritual teachings, personal healing work, and the dream body. Each participant will build a Mesa, (medicine bundle) as an anchor for their spiritual work.  Learn the way of the Shaman. Walk in beauty & commune with nature. Transform yourself to be what you want to be.
This training program requires a commitment from all participants and all sessions are a must. The cost of the training is $525.00 (you can make payments if needed. Please handle prior to the 1st session) The training will be held in Sykesville, Md.


Andean Shamans Journey #2

The journey continues, We will meet on Sundays from 10am-6pm~Dates: April 22, May 20, July 1, July 29, August 25 (Saturday) & 26, Oct. 7.

On the Paqos journey…..she heals herself and takes it to the community. This year long apprenticeship is just that. As we continue to heal ourselves, our family and communities we power up and take it a step further learning important practices of shamanic healing work, while moving around the medicine wheel in an heighten way.

 In our time together you will learn healing techniques, some to include, the Illumination process, self retreival and extraction work. We will delve into “what is a spiritual life?” We will go deep into creating sacred space, learning safety and etiquette, creating powerful relationships with your mesa, spirit helpers and healing tools. 

Those of you who are looking to do healings with others, the land, and elemental spirits, this will further your study and help you to have the confidence you’ll need in these situations. This apprenticeship will include personal work, ceremony, practicing different healing modalities and include spiritual vision to help you move into a more holistic way of living and relating to the world.

This apprenticeship is open for enrollment for mesa carriers only, and a commitment to all sessions is a must, each session builds on the last. The cost of the training is $780.00. (you can arrange to make payments if needed. Please handle prior to the 1st session)All sessions will be held in Sykesville, Md. Please be in contact with Pamela for more information.

Equinox & Solstice Ceremonies

Solstice Celebrations, Thursday, June 21th, (In Peru) & Friday, December 21st, 2018

Equinox Celebrations, Tuesday, March 20th, & Friday, Sept. 23rd, 2018



Introduction to Shamanism


n experiential workshop in which you will be initiated into shamanic journeying, meeting your power animals, teachers and begin to map the three worlds.
You will be aided by the rattle and drum in a safe space.
Open up to a new wisdom within for personal power and balance during these changing times. Explore the ways of a Shaman.

Please bring something to cover your eyes and a mat or blanket to lie on for comfort. We will be meeting in Sykesville.

Despacho Workshop

A "Despacho" is the primary form of energy work and manifesting ceremony of the Andean Pa'qos (shamans). It is built in the form of a meal for Mother Earth, an artistic and heartfelt expression of gratitude and appeal for right relationship with All That Is.

We are all in some form of major transition. The "despacho" is a powerful way to align ourselves with the energy flow of the universe and bring about the conditions needed for the next phase of our lives.

In this workshop you'll create your own sacred offering to Mother Earth (Pachamama) sending your prayers and visions for whatever you wish to manifest in your life.
Guided by Pamela, you'll learn to create this ceremony for yourself whenever you feel the need. No prior experience needed.


Crystals are powerful healing tools and you can use them to amplify your spiritual healing power. They will assist with many aspects of your life, physical, emotional, and spiritual or as a “light worker” to assist your clients. We are experiencing great shifts taking place and being asked to move humanity forward to the higher dimensions and Ascension, the crystal kingdom is here to assist you by simply asking.  They are natural gifts from Pachamama. (Mother Earth or Gaia)
In our time together you will gain access in selecting crystals, cleansing, charging, and programing them. You will receive instruction on creating crystal grids for your home, office and healing space. Please bring your own crystals and I will have some as well. (Some workshops will include layouts) You will find that these classes are geared for both beginners and the seasoned alike.~ $45

"John Of God" Crystal Bed

Divine Healing on all levels. The John of God Healing Crystal Bed is a large lamp with 7 Vogel crystals suspended over the body pulsating appropriately colored light on to each charka. What makes the crystal bed extra special is that the Entities that work through John of God also work through these Crystals to promote healing and balancing. I was given permission and blessings from John of God to use this unique gift from his place of healing ("the Casa") to provide healing here in Sykesville, Maryland. This is a quite unique experience of healing powers. Single sessions $20 for 20 min. $40 for 40 min. $60 for 60 min. or you may find you want to experience this heal again & again for that possibility I recommend the packages. Winter Specials: Buy 2 sessions get one free of the same. I schedule appointments Wednesdays and Fridays  from 11am-6pm and follow the protocol of the Casa. Call Pamela to schedule an appointment. 410-978-2066



This class will focus on how to move and feel your own energy as well as others. You will learn to balance and cleanse your field when there is a feeling of discord or loss of connection and return you back to wholeness.

Flower Essences

Flower essences are liquid, pattern-infused solutions made from individual flowers, each containing a specific imprint that responds in a balancing, repairing and rebuilding manner to imbalances in humans and animals. (Perelandra) In this mini workshop you will see if flower essences are for you and learn to make your own.


Living a Conscious Life

In this class we will integrate flower essences, essential oils and herbs to your everyday life to bring fruition and growth. Each participant will make a personal flower essence & essential  oil body spray for their own use. I will provide everything you will need to make your own blends to take with you.


Sacred Space and Protection

A shaman assembles her reality each day before putting a foot on the floor. Quiet your mind and co-create with spirit through gratitude, sacred space, and ritual.